Despite the constant nagging from my mother that I needed to pursue theatre all through out high school, I was determined that Show Choir was my calling. That was until I had nothing to do one day after school and randomly thought “huh, maybe I will go audition for this thing called a One Act, why not.” After many second glances from the theatre students and side comments of “Why is Audrey here, she isn’t an actress…” I walked into the audition having no idea what a One Act was or what a cold read was. Three days later I was cast as the female lead, and two weeks later I auditioned again and was cast as a female lead in the spring musical. Between January and July of 2008 I was in 5 different productions, theatre had taken over my life, and I loved it. When I began at Florida State University I was registered as a Political Science major with the hope of becoming a campaign manager. After one semester with out theatre in my life it dawned on me that it was my passion, the thing that made me come alive. After telling my parents, and having to hear my mother say “I told you so,” one more time, I applied and was accepted as a Theatre BA student for the fall of 2009.

Working as Sound Engineer on the set of "Curse of Good"


I spent my three years in the school of theatre studying acting, costuming, and directing. I worked mostly with Leave Your Mark Productions on various stage productions and on the set of their movie “Curse of Good.” Outside of the theatre world I was heavily involved on campus. I served two years as a Resident Assistant with University Housing and three

years in various leadership roles with the FSU Wesley Foundation. My summers were spent as a camp counselor at three very different organizations. In the summer of 2011 I received the honor of being part of the acting ensemble All Things to All People, touring the mid-west for three months with the organization Student Life.

The Cast of All Things to All People after "Beaks News Morning Show"



In April 2012 I will be graduating from FSU with my Bachelors degree in Theatre. I will be staying in Tallahassee for at least one more year where I will be serving as the Worship Arts Intern for the FSU Wesley Foundation.


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